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At Spectral Body, your satisfaction always comes first. We provide trending fitness apparel that is customized to your lifestyle.


Our hand selected team of fitness and athleisure experts have carefully curated some of the most exciting and desired products that you can imagine.
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We pride ourselves on being an evocative fitness resource. With hundreds of in-depth articles our prolific writers cover some of the most talked about subjects in the health and fitness industry.

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Everything we do we cannot do without you. Our customer service is our formula of success. We make your online shopping experience easier and more pleasant than you have ever experienced.

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Our Top Writers

Imaginative and skilled our writing staff has a in-depth knowledge of the fitness industry and the most trending subjects surrounding health and fashion.

Carlo G.
Carlo G.Health & Exercise Tips + Fitness Technology
Carlo is a rising star in the fitness and health industry. He has collaborated with many athleisure / activewear start-up brands and has a passion for trending fitness-related technology.
Mary K.
Mary K.Fitness Writer
Mary is one of the newest lead writers at Spectral Body a researcher into the latest fitness and health trends related to the gym culture. Her favorite activities are running and pilates.
Leslie Riopel
Leslie RiopelPsychology & Wellness Writer
Leslie Riopel is a professor of psychology at Northwood University and an authority in the Psychology of Mindfulness.

She has over 10 years of experience in the Wellness Industry as a freelance writer & Health & Wellness Subject Matter Expert. Leslie holds a Masters degree in Psychology Health and Wellness from Ashford University Leslie is authentic and honest and writes from the heart. Her experience as a Psychology Professor and her passion for mindfulness and meditation help many people see things from a different perspective.

Emon Johnson
Emon JohnsonFitness & Health Writer at City Pride
Emon Johnson is a blogger and journalist specializing in research-based articles and health and wellness niches. He holds a bachelor’s in psychology and is currently working on his master’s in applied behavior analysis.
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All Your Fitness Needs In One Convenient Source.

As you can imagine we are committed to the growth of Spectral Body. We have spiraled into a one stop fitness marketplace for activewear, fitness related gadgets, gym equipment and supplements. We sell and promote our own brand and have partnered with many groundbreaking new companies in the fitness industry to provide a vast selection of products to our engaged customers. We are always looking to build bridges and collaborate with new brands, If you are start up brand or new to the fitness ecommerce industry please email us if you would consider selling your products on our platform. We also offer wholesale solutions on a variety of our inventory, so if you are looking to buy in bulk we have an endless source of fitness related products. We can’t wait to hear from you so please contact us with the most appropriate channel below and we’ll respond to you immediately.


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