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Vibrating Foam Roller | Massage Roller | Foam Roller Exercises

Vibrating Foam Roller | Massage Roller | Foam Roller Exercises


The Vibrating Foam Roller combines vibrational therapy with body-weight pressure for enhanced recovery. Speed up recovery by increasing circulation and releasing lactic acid buildup in muscles. The high frequency vibrations help to increase circulation to the desired area which helps to accelerate recovery by delivering the body’s own healing properties immediately.  The sensational vibrations this massage roller provides are great for all foam roller exercises.

Vibrating Foam Roller Features:

  • Full size high intensity vibration roller, suitable for the whole body.

  • 4 speed settings - low/medium/high levels and an auto speed level to challenge foam roller exercises week after week.

  • Lightweight and elastic, easy to be carried for your tone up class or to the gym.

  • Built-in vibrating function, which can attribute to deep muscle stimulation, soothing muscle and fast recovery.

  • Designed to help athletes, fitness or common people relax their muscles.

  • Ideal for warming up, circulation improvement, recovery of sore and tight muscles as well as strength and foam roller exercises.

Massage Roller Specifications:

Material: EPP + ABS
Power Input: 100-240V
Charging time : About 3.5 hours (fully charged)
Operating Time (Fully Charged): 1 hour
Color: Black
Roller Overall Dimension: approx. 30 * 15cm(L * D)


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