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Resistance Bands – 5 Piece Set


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Yoga pilates resistance bands

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The Smart Choice Is Using Resistance Bands To Help With Stretching

Meet the set of resistance bands that work as hard as you do. The 5 piece set of bands can help you with 36 exercises and over 80 different ways to customize with your workout routine.

With each strap, you get 5 different resistance levels. The resistance level increases as you pull the strap through the loop until it is completely out. You can challenge yourself with different stretches and exercises using a combination of sizes.

The set is made of high quality, latex-free, and non-stretchable rubber that can withstand up to multiple pounds of resistance. All the materials used to make these bands are harmless and meet nor exceed FDA safety standards for this type of product.


Train For The Future and Let Resistance Be Your Best Friend.

Many people utilize resistance bands to increase their muscle strength, so they can perform everyday activities like lifting heavy grocery bags. Resistance bands are also used by people who go to the gym but want to do more exercise while on the go.

The set of resistance bands is ideal for exercising and strengthening your back muscles, legs, and lower body area. This set includes 1 ankle strap that allows you to work out your calves, shins, and upper legs easily. Resistance bands are a great tool for rehabilitation and are recommended by physical therapists for treating athletes’ injuries and for people who are recovering from surgery or other serious medical conditions.

Resistance bands are also ideal for people who enjoy working out at home with minimal equipment. You can discover exercises, which you can do with your family members or friends while watching TV or going to the gym. The set is the most versatile and convenient product of its kind and is meant for all types of flexibility levels. Let your body be free to move around and try out the many exercise techniques presented!


Resistance Bands Hold All The Right Ingredients To a Healthy and Flexible Body.

There’s really no quick fix or anything new under the sun that will help you restore your flexibility and strengthen your ligaments and muscles better than a simple later resistance band. Get hooked on the bands and use them for stretching and your everyday routine.





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