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The best way to keep your AirPod sound crystal clear is by regularly cleaning them. By using an Airpod Cleaning Kit to clean your AirPods carefully you can remove blockages that can interfere with music and phone calls. Applying preventive measures to preserve your AirPods sound quality is usually overlooked but we can explain some of the best methods to clean them in this article.

Since the release of AirPods, it’s been hard to find any negative opinions about the product. AirPods have been an instant success and are one of Apple’s hottest products to date. But, as time goes on, we’re starting to see some reviews that are less than stellar. One recent complaint is that the sound quality has decreased since purchase—perhaps this problem can be attributed to ear wax build-up in your AirPod, or in other words, your AirPods are due for some cleaning.

This article will go over instructions for how you can clean your AirPod with a few simple steps in order for them to produce their original quality of sound and prevent any future problems.


How to Effectively Clean Your AirPods To Restore Sound Quality


effectively clean airpod to restore sound quality


The biggest and most common cause of AirPods’ sound degradation is, of course, earwax build up. If you’ve been using the AirPods as your main earbuds for months, it’s pretty likely that earwax has built up and clogged the speakers, therefore, causing the volume to seem quieter or the sound quality to sound less powerful. Here are a few easy ways to clean your AirPod effectively and restore its original sound quality.

Step 1: A Bit of Organic Solvent

The first thing you need to clean your AirPod is an organic solvent, i.e., cotton swab(Q-tips). Dip a cotton swab into a bit of organic solvent (i.e., alcohol).

Step 2: Use the Swab to Clean the Larger Speaker

Use the swab to wipe out any visible particles on the larger speaker. Be sure not to force anything into the openings—just lightly dab to loosen up any earwax that has built up and cleaned thoroughly when necessary.

Step 3: Use the Swab to Clean the Microphone

Now, you can use the swab to clean out any open holes on your AirPod. However, care must be taken not to damage or force anything into the holes.

Step 4: Use Your AirPods Again

Once cleaning is complete, use your AirPod again as normal as you did before cleaning. You should notice a difference in audio quality and volume since earwax build-up has been removed from your AirPods’ speakers. If you don’t notice a difference after cleaning, then it may mean that there are other causes for sound degradation such as physical damage (you can still try cleaning them).


How to Prevent Further Build-Up of Ear Wax on Your AirPods


prevent build-up ear wax on airpod


Even after cleaning your AirPods, it’s still possible for earwax to build up again on your AirPods’ speakers. To prevent or minimize this from happening, you can take these easy steps:

Tip 1: Always Wipe Your AirPods After Using

To prevent any build-up of any ear wax, dirt, or grime, you better cut the weed at its root before it gets unmanageable. Meaning, start a habit of regularly Wiping your AirPods right after using it in order for the dirt to not become too much.

Tip 2: Don’t Sleep with Earwax Build-up in Your AirPods

If you have earwax build-up in your ears or wear AirPods while sleeping, then you’ll probably want to clean them as soon as possible. You may experience sound degradation if you don’t clean them regularly because they’re likely to get even dirtier from being worn overnight.

Tip 3: Keep Your AirPods Protected

You may want to keep your AirPods protected by using a cover or case whenever you’re not using them.  This will help prevent any physical damage from occurring to your AirPods as well.


The Advantages of Using the AirPods Cleaning Kit to Clean AirPod


advantages airpod cleaning kit to clean airpods


Using the methods mentioned in this article, you can easily clean your AirPods regularly to fix any sound issues and restore their original quality. You can also try using a cleaner to ensure further protection against earwax build-up. Spectral Body’s AirPods Cleaning Kit is one of the best solutions for cleaning earbuds that has been discovered.

  1. It’s The Easiest And Most Convenient Way to Clean Your AirPods. It’s an easy way for you to keep your AirPods’ sound quality at its best and it’s awesome how you can bring it everywhere you go. The brushes and microfiber cloth are very easy to bring with you whether in your pocket, bag, or car. You can clean your AirPod anything you can convenient.
  2. The Safest Way to Effectively Clean Your AirPods. If you don’t take proper measures when cleaning your AirPods, it can cause physical damage to the speaker or microphone. However, using this AirPods Cleaning Kit is the safest way to clean your AirPod since you don’t have to question whether any of the tools are safe for your AirPod since every tool was essentially made for the AirPod. The antiseptic gel that is applied by using a brush is able to remove the earwax effectively but at the same time will not damage your AirPod.
  3. The Kit Contains All the Accessories You Need to Clean Your AirPod. This cleaning kit contains two brushes – one of which is an antiseptic gel applicator, a cleaning putty, and a microfiber cloth that is machine washable. This makes it super easy for you to clean your AirPods since you don’t have to worry about buying different items from different stores.


Tips for Keeping Your Earwax in Check

Since earwax is the most common cause of AirPods’ sound going bad, you have to also learn to manage any wax buildup in your ears.

  1. Clean and moisten your ear with a cotton swab regularly to prevent the build-up of earwax.
  2. Use ear wax cleaning tools regularly in order to keep the inside of your ears clean.
  3. If you have a build-up of earwax and don’t use a cleanser, it’s highly recommended that you visit a specialist for information on how to effectively remove the wax safely and gently or to see if you have any conditions which make your ear produce earwax abnormally.


A Final Note on Restoring Your AirPods’ Sound Quality


restoring your airpods' sound quality


AirPods are one of Apple’s most popular products released in 2016 and has been providing users with high-quality sound since its release. As long as you take proper care of them, they’ll provide you with great quality sound without any problems.

The best way to clean your AirPods is to use a kit designed specifically for cleaning AirPods. A must-have for every AirPods owner, the Spectral Body AirPods Cleaning Kit will quickly help rid your AirPods of any build-up in a few simple steps.

How to clean your AirPods with the Spectral Body’s AirPods Cleaning Kit?

  1. Use the brushes on the outside of both AirPods to remove any build-up and the speaker mesh. The wipe can also be used to clean your charging case.
  2. Use the cleaning putty on the outside and inside of both of your AirPods or inside your lightning cable power inlet. The putty is great for removing any dirt or grime that might be stuck inside of your earbuds or charging case.
  3. You can then use the Microfiber Cloth to wipe your AirPod dry. This Microfiber Cloth is great for shining up your AirPods and cleaning out its speaker mesh.

Using these tips and these tools will for sure help you restore your AirPods’ sound to its previous original quality. Plus, it will even get rid of potentially harmful microorganisms that live in your AirPods. Lastly, you’ll be sure that your AirPods remains in tip-top shape as it is maintained. Get your own Spectral Body’s AirPod Cleaning Kit today.


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